Apprenticeship Candidate Check-In

As a registered participant in the Community Benefits Program, please take a few minutes to answer this short survey on a monthly basis if you are registered in a community based pre-apprenticeship program or if you are actively searching on your own for a construction apprenticeship. This helps us to track your progress over time and help us better support you in overcoming any major challenges you are experiencing as you navigate the process. Need help with your job search, RSVP for an information session or meet with a Career Coach, call 647-361-0942

*Note that for candidates registered with a community based pre-apprenticeship program, we will keep your employment counselor in the loop with your progress.

Before completing this survey, take the time to understand the opportunities within the different grouping of trades.

  • Carpentry Cladding Forming Froofing and shingling General Carpenter Millwork Residential and framing Resilient flooring Scaffolding Trim high-rise and low-rise
  • Labourer Concrete Finishing Hazardous Material Mason/bricklayer Pre-cast erector Pre-cast finisher Sewer and watermain
  • Construciton Craft Worker Red Seal
  • Finishing Trades Drywall finish Glazier (Glass) and metal technician Hazardous material Painter Stucco
  • Drywall Boarding lathing/acousits Plaster/finshing
  • Heat and Frost Insulators Insulation mechanic
  • Sheet Metal Production Roofing Sheet metal and mechanical Siding and decking
  • Ironworker Structural Ironwork Reinforcement Rebar
  • Bolier Maker Boiler maker
  • HVAC Pipefitter Steamfitter
  • Plumber ICI High-rise Low-rise
  • Sprikler Fitter Fire protection
  • Electrician ICI Communications Technologist (NCS) Line Sector Residential High-rise and low-rise
  • Heavy Eqipment Hoisting Engineer Mobile and tower crane operator Concrete Pump Operator Heavy Equpment Operator Sewer and watermain
  • Elevator Constructor Elevator Mechanic

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